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We would all agree with the fact that clean drinking water is one of the basic needs of life so it should be used in a sustainable way for satisfying the needs of present as well as future generations. Capital Development Authority is responsible to arrange, treat and deliver potable water to 0.8 million citizens of Islamabad the primary sources are tube wells, raw water of open reservoirs and channels.

The distribution system comprises of large pipe network, sumps and service reservoirs. Islamabad basically has three sources of water supply i.e. Dams, Headwork’s, and Ground Water. The Dams include Simly which has a capacity of 42.00 MGD, Khanpur with a capacity 51.00 MGD and the Sangjani Dam. Head works include Kurang with 4.00 MGD capacity, Sandspur with 0.800 MGD, Noorpur with 0.70 MGD, and Shah Dara with 1.60 MGD. Ground water primarily comprises of Tube wells having a cap of 34.00 MGD and the Augmentation Scheme, National park area with a cap of 12.00 MGD. We have a total of 180 tube wells. Chlorination is primarily done by Hypo chloride in liquid form in populated areas, while Chlorine gas is used in tube wells located away from population.

The distribution system in the capital like any other city in the world consists of Service reservoirs, conduction mains delivery mains, Sumps overhead tanks and the distribution pipe network. There are three major sources of contamination to the water supply here. These include surface water contamination, contamination in distribution system, and contamination at the user end. Surface water contamination is primarily being caused by disposal of untreated sewage in streams, disposal of municipal waste in streams, untreated hospital waste, poultry farms waste, industrial waste, laundries chemicals and detergents, service stations and workshops disposing lubricants. Contamination in distribution systems is due to intrusion of contaminated water in leaking water supply pipes, leaking gate valves, use of asbestos cement (AC) pipes, unclean and unprotected sumps. Finally contamination at the user end is due to unclean and unprotected underground and over head water tanks, leaking underground water tanks, and storage of water for longer periods.

After visiting slums or E-sector of Islamabad, we all geared up for our next vicinity F11- sector Islamabad to examine water supply sources or its current condition. I will entitle it as a ‘Mini Paradise’ for people on earth as all the basic facilities were available for its residents. Living in a clean environment is an immense blessing that is maintained by the residents themselves. No one dump their trash openly instead waste collector is employed by a public or private enterprise to collect and remove refuse and recyclables from residential, commercial, or other collection site for further processing and disposal from this sector.

The residents had two water supply sources i.e. Pipeline or drilled well. They had CDA water supply as well as they had bore water systems at their houses. Most of people were seen complaining about CDA water source because water was not plenty enough to fulfill their needs so they relied mostly on their drilled wells. No complaints were encountered regarding water quality or water quantity, residents were found contented with the both. Pakistan is one of those countries whose ground water level is dropping at alarming rate in various areas or cities. It was shocking to hear about water level reduction in such a posh area of Islamabad. Many houses were encountered which were facing this issue while there were still residents who were not a victim by it.

People of F11-sector were supportive or well educated and lend a hand in carrying out our survey without any intricacy, they all were blessed enough to live in such a comfortable atmosphere and spending their lives in comfort. The only discomfort they encountered was the existence of slum area on the opposite side of road. They mentioned that sometimes they feel stench in air which make their lives miserable a bit.

Government should be taking appropriate steps in this regard to overcome the sector concern and as a recommendation to the CDA guys to help improve the current situation a bit, it is important that they control treated water wastage by proper waste water management and repairing of broken/damaged water supply lines to gratify people wants on a large scale.