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AECHS Rawalpindi: Water Supply Analysis

The water distribution in twin cities is a current issue and accordingly in coming decades it will be a great matter of concern for authorities. In order to keep these cities still inhabitable in future, there is need for social, cultural and technical solutions. Among twin cities Rawalpindi is an older and much larger city and is a hub for industrial, commercial and military activities.
Rapid population expansion, slow pace of urban sector development, unavailability of resources and inadequate institutional capacity leading to uncontrolled urban sprawl consequently resulted in deficiencies in basic services like water supply, sewerage systems, drainage, solid waste management and community facilities. These deficiencies greatly reduce the quality of life.
Water supply in Rawalpindi is mainly dependent on ground water source which is being exploited by more than 290 tube wells. From these tube wells water is being supplied through pipelines to the community but due to construction activities many pipelines have broken and leaked due to which water shortage is seen in some areas.
Many private housing societies are now established in Rawalpindi which has their own water supply networks. Airport Housing Society is one of these private housing societies. It is located near the Benazir International Airport Rawalpindi having estimated population of 33,000 individuals, 4,000 houses and 4 sectors.
It is considered as a good residential area having easy access to basic public facilities like access to education, work and good quality water supply. It has direct route to main Islamabad Highway which is its plus point and have railway track passed through its barrier.
Main source of water for inhabitants of this society is water supply pipelines for domestic purposes and for drinking 5-6 filtration plants has been installed there by AECHS management authority. But from last year people are complaining about deficient water supply, the main reason for this is rapid increase in population of an area, construction of many plazas and schools. These construction activities play a role of obstacle in water supply pipelines. For solving this issue inhabitants devised the solution of installing boring system in their own houses.
Terrain is not flat there, some areas are sloppy and some are leveled. Ground water level is dropping in an area resulting in depletion of water resource. During survey, some respondents have raised an issue that they are facing scarcity of water. Water boring system is also unsuccessful at sloppy area so they are purchasing water in order to fulfill their water requirements.
Another problem highlighted by one of the respondents is the run off after precipitation gathered around their houses in streets. Proper drainage system will be provided in order to get rid off fowl odor and other health impacts caused by this problem.

Inhabitants are satisfied with the quality of drinking water, only problem is the deficient water supply for domestic purposes. The main reason is the breakage of pipelines, rusting of old pipelines and mixing of sewerage system with water supply pipeline.
Society has its own Lorries that collected solid waste from every house. Inhabitants placed their garbage outside their doors from where collectors collect their waste and take it to the dumping sites. Although waste collectors are there but still some people behave irresponsibly and thrown their garbage in open areas or plots.
Regular monitoring and check and balance should be done by authorities, old pipes should be replaced by new ones. Sewerage lines should be placed far from water supply pipelines and awareness should be provided to the inhabitants for solving the water supply issue.