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Water to thrive

In last few decades, like other big cities in developing countries the twin cities of Pakistan also have an increased number of populations. With increasing population the settlement of people in already urbanized cities is very difficult. When population of any area increase, demands of people automatically increase because everyone needs clean water, healthy food and good environment for their survival. Due to anthropogenic activities environmental problems becoming severe and worse including water problems.
Water distribution in Rawalpindi and Islamabad is becoming a serious problem as old network of water channels that was constructed during pre-independence is not enough. Those water distribution systems cannot provide water to newly developed colonies. Therefore, it is very difficult for government and responsible authorities to fulfill the demands of people due to uncontrolled urban sprawling. Due to this organizational structure is gradually shifting from governmental to private and one the major breakthrough is establishment of private housing colonies who are taking initiatives to meet the needs of common people.
In Rawalpindi water supply relies on pipelines, community wells, springs and tube wells. All these supply system has defects including un-hygienic conditions of tube wells, leakage problems of pipe lines, mixing of clean water with sewerage system and dumping of solid waste into sources of clean water. These problems are not only contaminating the main stream water but also depleting the clean water.
One of the renowned developing housing project and probably Asia’s biggest project named “Bahria Town” facilitating with provision of basic necessities of life to their residents. Water supply system relies on pipelines system. No doubt quality of water supply is better than other housing colonies but resident’s complaints that during rainy season, color of water changes. Sometimes they found little particles in drinking water that has been taken from filtration plants located in their localities. Often quantity of drinking water also decreased due to leakage problems.
But common households of Bahria Town are very hopeful that if water supply agencies take precautionary steps then they can overcome all these issues. In a nutshell, in order to provide a basic water supply in a good quality and in a sufficient quantity proper management, monitoring and maintenance is required and above all, cooperation is necessary between individuals and concerned authorities.