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People usually talk about expensive markets of Islamabad, being a city of elite, but very few might know about the daily solid waste production of the capital city. Islamabad is administered by Capital Development Authority. The authority is held responsible to manage overall planning, proper sanitation and garbage disposal within the territorial limits. But unfortunately a verse situation was observed in Golra Islamabad (E- sector), where you are welcomed by the heaps of waste piles, just at the entrance of the locality. The improper disposal of municipal waste has a serious and dangerous impact on a wide range of areas. Garbage thrown in the street or in open spaces creates a public health hazard, while waste dumped near rivers, lakes and streams contaminates the water supply.

The visit to Golra was bit satisfied as compared to the slums like Khachi abadi and Bakian sayeda. The residents of this locality were satisfied as they are blessed with comfortable houses of 4 to 5 Marla’s. While think about the residents of khachi Abadies where they lived in a houses consist of a single room which fulfills all their needs or requirements like kitchen, bedroom etc. On the other hand the Golra residents were blessed with their own water supply through boring system, because they have no hope from the CDA that they provide them portable and quality drinking water.

The only problem they faced was no proper management of their solid waste; they dumped their waste outsides of their houses on an open place along the main street of the locality. Some residents were response that they dump their waste nearby existing water pond. Then you think what will be happen as a result of this dumping in the water source? Contaminated surface and groundwater cause a wide range of chronic and sometimes fatal diseases, ultimately causing waterborne diseases. Stray animals and pests are also attracted toward the heap of garbage; this can also lead towards lethal diseases such as rabies. One aspect of this open dumping was the clogging of sewerage lines with plastics and polythene bags. Another problem that was occur during rainy season was the mixing of rain water in the huge piles of dumping waste, then one must concerned about the result of this mixture. The accumulation of solid waste coupled with standing water during the ongoing monsoon season in the locality continue to be neglected by authorities despite of the growing concern about the spread of dengue fever. After a month the waste piles are put on fire to reduce accumulated waste, which adds to the air pollution causing greenhouse effect and ultimately global warming.

The effects of improper waste disposal are felt not just in the environment but also in the health of the population. One evidence of this effect was seen in a house, where a small child is covered by the bunch of houseflies, he have mumps and meseals on his body. The condition of house was also miserable, as they have no latrine system and they use the nearby open space as a toilet.

Another miserable thing about the residents of the Golra was that most of them were illiterate, as they have no knowledge about the difference between the organic and inorganic waste. If they are educated or provided some knowledge about the composting then, they will grow their own vegetables and small plants. This will decrease their daily expenses, so there should be some campaigns and delegation from some NGO’S that provide valuable information and know how about the composting and recycling of separable things of the houses.

Every year, millions of rupees are being spent on mass public awareness campaigns and on fumigation but very little is being spent on solid waste and water management,” So it is the time for doing something no just satisfied someone by saying, raising slogans. As Islamabad is a big city which can’t be cleaned overnight. The departments are working hard but combining efforts is something more appropriate and productive so people must play their role.
As it is said by Jean Paul Richter
“Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good action; try to use ordinary situations.”
Hopefully, we will be seeing the desired results soon.