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A view from Golra Housing Isb

It is a fact that every human being desires to live in a clear, fresh, dirt-free and soothing environment. However, sometimes all these longings are not fulfilled and people are left with no choice except living in an unhealthy and unclean atmosphere. Although it is true that some people have no choice and it becomes mandatory for them to accept such scenario, yet it appears that majority of people make it their own choice to breathe in bad air. It must be realized that there is always a chance of refinement everywhere and every hour no matter how bad the circumstances are.

Golra Islamabad is a locality which holds much importance for the whole nation. This is due to the presence of shrine of Golra Sharif that is situated in the center of E-11 sector Islamabad. The major reason for the popularity of this shrine is the tomb of Pir Meher Ali Shah who was the Sufi Saint of 19th century.

Although this place holds great importance from religious point of view, yet the hygienic conditions there still lack in various aspects. Huge waste piles can be witnessed in the surroundings vacant places in the residential area. Majority of the people residing this place belong to middle class families. It is very rare that the house is occupied by the owner as major bulks of residents are the tenants paying monthly rents to the landlords.

From general observation, anyone can agree to the fact that the biggest concern of the area is solid waste disposal and management. After witnessing the junkyard in empty plots in the locality, one can became well acquainted with the solid waste disposal of the area. The response of the residents concerning the whole situation was also as expected. When asked how they disposed of their household garbage, the people responded that since there was no proper management of waste in the whole area, they just dumped their household refuse in the nearby empty plots as they were left with no other option. Even the sight of huge piles of debris was too nauseating to watch, it was difficult to comprehend how the people living their tolerated the bad smell from the waste.

The citizens stated that the area was not under the regulation of Capital Development Authority, thus no one was taking care of the area’s management and maintenance related issues. The household water requirements were being fulfilled by the water boring system in each house. The water supply was adequate from the drilled wells. Therefore, people were not facing any water related issues or problems. The sanitation system was also proper and well established in the area. So the only problem that the residents of Golra were facing was the solid waste disposal. Even though, it seems just a single problem but then again, this is one big major issue that must be dealt with proper considerations.

The adverse effects of such unhealthy environment may not become visible at once. People may believe that this is only deteriorating the view quality of the site. However, if one ponders deeply, the improper disposal of waste can also be very detrimental to the living beings. Such debris leads to the decline in the quality of air which we breathe in, that my in turn lead to long term adverse impacts on health. On the other hand, such waste becomes a breeding ground for flies, insects and microbes that may become the cause of various disease and lead to the impairment of human health and hygiene.

The point here to be noticed is that such issues are not to be neglected. People must be vigilant and should take every possible step in keeping their environment clean, healthy and in good physical shape.

In case of the residents of Golra, I believe that they should also consider it their personal responsibility and take every possible measure for proper management and disposal of waste in their dwellings. The initiatives must be taken by themselves. If any authorities are responsible, then the residents should consult with those for providing them adequate living conditions. Efforts must be started at personal level. Only then these can come out to be effective and fruitful. As Arthur Ashe said rightly:
“Start where you are, Use what you have. Do what you can”