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Who is to blame?

It was an eye opening situation for me when I walked into the pavement of a slum in G-8 that was broken, full of garbage and unhygienic conditions while little children were playing with their fellows around. They were totally unaware of what clean water is as they have never been exposed to it and this was a moment of pity for me. As I made my way towards the one-room households, I had a train of little kids after me as they thought I was going to distribute candies and other edibles to them. However, I was in the slum so I could get an insight of their water and sanitation conditions. And, to my surprise, the slum that was in the middle of Islamabad’s’ most crowded sector had no water facility. CDA had taken no step to provide them with the basic necessities of life such as water and light. When asked how they survive in this situation, they said they have managed the little they could by installing a hand pump. It was a help-yourself-situation. The area around the hand pump had algae, garbage, a gazillion mosquitoes and flies around it which made me curious to ask if they actually drink that water and to that, some of the people said they do as they have no other option and the others said they bring the drinking water from a filter nearby. However, most of the households said that their kids fall sick every now and then because they drink dirty water. But, there was one thing that was consistent in every household that they try to keep themselves and their houses very clean irrespective of their living conditions. The people of the slum said that their colony was going to be abolished by the CDA because it is an illegal set-up. Furthermore, these people were also deprived of disposing of the waste in the drums by the authority hence; they are left with no option other than disposing it off on the road nearby. Authorities must be aware of the fact that by not providing the slum dwellers with the basics of life, they are only intensifying the problems of the country. Hence, they must take mature actions by providing these people with the essentials such as clean drinking water to enhance their living standard which will also result in a healthy and a productive workforce which will be beneficial for the country.