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Rich People get good drinking water

We all are well aware of the fact that water is one of the basic essentials of life; therefore its adequate provision to living beings is prerequisite.
In order to assess the water supply and sanitation situation in different housing societies including PWD, Airport colony,DHA and Bahria Town, I and my other group members personally visited these housing societies and interviewed the residents. Now, talking about water quality and supply in DHA and Bahria Town, I am glad to state that residents of these societies are quite satisfied with the water quality and there was not any problem found regarding water inadequacy or shortage. The main source of water supply in these areas is found to be through pipelines, which is used to meet the household requirements. Drinking water is mainly collected from different filtration plants, within these colonies. On asking question about the condition of these filtration plants I got to know that all of the plants were functional and in good condition.
Inhabitants of DHA and Bahria Town are among those few privileged people who get to enjoy all the basic rights of a good life while living in a third world country. So, it was very refreshing to receive a positive response from the people living there and it was even more inspirational to know that water supply agencies in these societies were fairly vigilant and taking care of water supply and sanitation situation. If I compare these two housing societies as far as water quality is concerned I personally found Bahria Town’s water management to be more refined and sophisticated after watching all water filtration plants to be in better condition. Moreover, water supply agencies clean these plants on regular basis to ensure water hygiene. Bahria Town is a good example of an entity with the proper enforcement of rules and regulations in a country where people are always bragging about the lack of implementation of laws.
Response regarding water quality, from PWD and Airport housing society was mixed i.e a few people were satisfied and a few were unhappy. Main source of water supply in these societies was same as that of DHA and Bahria Town i.e pipelines. In order to fulfill water needs, people have also bored water wells. Most of the inhabitants of PWD get their drinking water from nearby Bahria Town’s filtration plants. Therefore, most of the people seem to be satisfied with the drinking water. PWD and Airport housig society are not developed as DHA and Bahria Town are, therefore there is a problem of water shortage and supply and residents have to bore water wells or they meet their water needs by purchasing water in big water tanks.