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Life is precious and water is yet more precious. Nature provides this essential component in large quantity and good quality.It is one of the most basic necessities of life without which human life cannot even exist on this planet. Unfortunately out of 80% of world population living in developing countries, a considerable number of people are deprived off basic necessities including food, shelter, clean water and many others.
Although there are many concerns regarding water supply in the developing countries like Pakistan but there still exist those dwellings where people are enjoying this resource without facing any serious problem.Recently, I conducted a survey in different areas of Rawalpindi including Bahria Town, Defence Housing Authority, PWD and Airport housing society and I was pleased to find out that some societies are fulfilling their residents’ requirements responsibly.
I am pleased to see that some of the housing colonies have good planning and management of water supply and sanitation system. For instance in Bahria town people are very much satisfied with present water situation and they claim that management in their areas is better than any other areas of the Rawalpindi.
However in DHA Rawalpindi, water supply is inadequate and a number of households require water tankers to fulfill their water demands and they have to pay high costs for these but thankfully, the sanitation system in DHA is well established. Most of the people of PWD are satisfied with their water supply system but for drinking water, they depend upon water filtration plants of Bahria Town. Water supply system in Airport Housing Society is through pipelines. People have many issues with maintenance system of water supply and mostly blame the society’s management authorities of as they are not supplying adequate water to the residents.
I observed from my entire survey that everyone wants to live in a very healthy environment but they lack awareness about their own responsibilities in this regard. They have problems but they do not put any effort to find solutions of those dilemmas. It is also due to lack of awareness and responsibility among the individuals that the citizens are suffering from various issues regarding water supply. I am sure that life will begin to transform the day when everyone takes the responsibility of their actions.