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Rawalpindi Gripped In Water Shortage

Rawalpindi is fourth largest city of Pakistan and lies in Potohar region of Northern Punjab. It is located 14km South from the capital city Islamabad. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are known as twin cities but are just opposite. As Islamabad is known for its scenic beauty, wide roads, and a city with less pollution and good environmental conditions and resources. Whereas Rawalpindi is having old, historic buildings, narrow roads and streets, polluted by industries and most importantly it is facing clean drinking water issues.
Having access to clean drinking water is the major problem being faced by citizens of Rawalpindi. Several water filtration plants are installed by water and sanitation authority (WASA), TMA and other organizations for the provision of safe and clean drinking water. But they are unable to cope with the growing demand. This is because Rawalpindi has been griped in water shortage. Furthermore hygienic conditions at plants force citizens to move to other sources of drinking water as tankers, bowsers or bottled water.
While surveying the plants in Bahria and DHA and these water problems are less. They have sound environmental conditions and plants were also in very good condition. While in Gulraiz filtered water has some odour. Citizens of DHA are quite satisfied by water they have through installed filtration plants. These private housing schemes enjoys more privileges and grants as compared to other citizens of Rawalpindi. On the other hand there are problems of wastewater dumping in River Sowan which can be the source of contamination of water being used by the people of Bahria as well as Gulraiz being adjacent to river. But the citizens of Rawalpindi are forced to have water from filters due to comparatively weak socioeconomic conditions. Every citizen has a right to have clean drinking water whether more privileged or less as "Water is a public good not a commodity".
Current condition of several filtration plants is injurious to human health but has a solution. Concerned authorities like WASA and TMA should properly monitor and ensure adequate water supply for all.