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Sewage-mixed water puts lives at stake

July 26, 2013 
Our Staff Reporter


The water supply system in Sambrial and Daska cities has collapsed as the pipelines are leaking while water supply remains suspended for hours for one reason or the other while no plan has so far been framed to supply sufficient water to the cities.

One major reason as often given by the Tehsil Municipal Administration was frequent power outages and this is how the authorities try to shirk responsibility and blame others for their own negligence. In fact, these pipelines have become old and worn out, particularly in old parts of the both cities. Most of these pipelines are leaking and have got rusted. Another factor that makes these supply lines even worse is rains. The rainwater is mixed with garbage and sewage through damaged parts of the pipelines and spreads diseases.

Bacteria and many other harmful germs enter the pipelines through leaks and cause spread of epidemics such as diarrhea and cholera. Moreover, there has been no regular maintenance, so a large number of these pipelines have been damaged beyond repair. Even in some newly constructed localities where new pipelines have been laid, checking revealed the poor and substandard material was used by contractors. These pipelines were laid down in 1940, for the first time, by the British rulers. Ten wells were dug and steam engines working with diesel used to draw and supply water to the city. With the passage of time, more and more supply lines were laid as per demand.

Currently, 34 out of total 36 water filtration plants are lying out of order in Sambrial and Daska and city and only two plants are working to quench the thirst of the people. The water filtration plants installed in various parts of both the cities several years ago to supply potable water to the people are lying out of order owing to the alleged slackness of the tehsil municipal administrations.

In addition, all the taps and pipes of these plants have been stolen. The contaminated water gets mixed with toxic pollutants of the tanneries set up in the area between Upper Chenab Canal (UCC) and Marala Ravi Link (MR Link) Canal near Sambrial. It is not only adversely affecting the fertility of the soil but also posing serious threat to human lives by spreading asthma, hepatitis and other diseases.

Social, political, religious and business circles have expressed grave concern over this nasty situation, demanding the Gujranwala commissioner and the DCO to take serious notice of it and adopt effective measures to make these plants functional.


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