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Global warming could cause flooding

Saturday, 29 Jun 2013 3:01 am

ISLAMABAD - Rise in global warming is causing a shift in the pattern of monsoon rains increasing the threat of floods which could put a huge dent in an already shrinking economy of the country. 

Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD) Director Azmat Hayat Khan said, “Climate change has badly affected the monsoon rainfall pattern in the region. Shifts in the rainfall pattern and its direction of transform are crucial” while talking to Pakistan Today. 

As per pattern shift, upper Punjab and Kashmir region would not receive enough monsoon rain as they previously received. The director said that Mangla Dam is no more efficient to the future needs of the people due to the shift in the rainfall pattern and stressed upon the need of Kala Bagh Dam. The dam will not only produce hydroelectricity but will help in preventing floods and other natural disasters. 

The changing weather pattern also suggests that western rivers of the country could cause major flooding. On the other hand, rapid melting of glaciers lying in Himalayan Karakoram Hindukush (HKH) region is also worsening the situation. According to experts, the melting will flood the western rivers of the country. 

The recent climate changes in Pakistan have caused a lot of damage to the economy. According to an official of Ministry of Climate Change, “The 2010 floods have been backbreaking in every aspect. An economic survey shows loss up to 5-per-cent of the total GDP. He added that the issue of deforestation needs to be addressed as well. 

Illegal crushing on Margalla Hills shows government’s negligibility for preserving nature and assuring better future for its citizens. Crushing for cement manufacturing and concrete production is being done in the area which lies within Margalla Hills National Park, which has significant importance worldwide due to its biodiversity.

Capital Development Authority Deputy Director for Environment Abdul Manan told Pakistan Today that Facto cement is the major crusher amongst all, and it lies within the jurisdiction of Capital Development Authority (CDA). He said their lease expired last year but are still working at the site and added that the issue has been raised before the CDA chairman. 

The stone crushers have been crushing the hills to supplying construction material for decades. This has added up to the climate shifts and changing weather patterns. 


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