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Sepa collects water samples from Kotri Industrial Area

Following reports of industrial effluent being released into Keenjhar Lake through Kalri Baghar (KB) Feeder Canal, the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (Sepa) has collected water samples from the KB feeder and of the effluent being released by the industrial units of the Kotri Industrial Area to identify the level of pollution and the industries responsible for contamination of freshwater.
A statement issued by the Sindh Environment and Alternative Energy Department said that the directives to collect the samples of water from the KB feeder and of the industrial effluent from the Kotri Industrial Area were issued by Sheikh Muhammad Afzal, the department’s minister.
The statement said that Afzal’s department was regularly taking action to prevent pollution of the KB feeder by the industrial effluent being released by the industries of Kotri, and industries would not be allowed to pollute freshwater bodies in the province.
“The environment minister has already conducted a series of meetings with the Kotri Association of Trade & Industry to persuade them to improve their industrial effluent treatment facility at the collective and individual levels,” added the statement.
It said that because of the efforts of the departments of environment and industries, the provincial government had initiated a development scheme for the installation of a common effluent treatment plant in the Kotri Industrial Area under the Annual Development Plan, and the scheme was on the verge of completion.

Friday, January 18, 2013 

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