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Water crisis is next big threat to Pakistan

Water News: 

Water crisis is next big threat to Pakistan. Water dominate the world economy as a silent threat to global stability increase in the corridors of power, some fear, will fight for limited water resources, the future war. Water and food security were the main themes of the United Nations. Watchdog save it as the most dangerous to speak to one of the threats of the modern world. To look at things that, over 70% of Earth covered by water, less than half of them fit for human consumption. Today, more than 700 million people need food and water, life and survival. $ 200 million will be added to this figure for 2050. It is estimated that humans can survive a month without food, but not more than 15 days without water. As the field of human conflict, disputes of a scarce resource, will inevitably lead to military confrontation at some point in time.

In a letter to the government of Pakistan, former President of the Authority of the Indus River System, said: “Pakistan is dangerously exposed to devastating floods and the heavy loss at any time in the future, new dams were built in the last 47 years, the existing tank was siltation of 6.5 MAF, ignored their ability to salt. planners is the lack of water resources and storage dams that supply the alkaline-saline soil in the salinity control patient and reclamation works and the national sanitation program, which later failed, and then abandoned irrigation systems, lack of proper drainage, there is no way to evacuate the harmful salts. ”

In Pakistan, the depletion of water resources to reach the critical level. In 2010, our water supply facilities were destroyed by the flood, followed in 2011 by a number of damages. Since then, our province has suffered a major setback, and promote the huge block the poverty of the population is of concern. More than 35 million people, only in Sindh province, to enter the water and food insecurity, floods have destroyed the water supply and sanitation throughout the province in the affected areas and facilities housing.

Pakistan needs 38 MAF of storage capacity has been acquired by India’s investment of more than 22-25 million acre feet (MAF), water storage. India has quietly built over 200 dams, of which 32 are large enough, the function to stop flow of water up to 38 random MAF Pakistan. It almost destroyed our crops during the Rabi season. The foreign media reports also said that India has raised the stakes even higher in Pakistan: it plans to build 12 new dams on the river Kabul – promoting water war increasingly close bilateral.

To begin, we must transform our 165 years of irrigation canal through the integrated management of water. Our goal should be wasted, the annual water conservation 50MAF. We must also ensure that our surface and subsurface drainage to control salinity and to eliminate the risk of salt water. A recent study by the World Bank stressed that the source of river sediments Valley ska: a dam was built, we can not only cope with this threat, but can also be stored until 35MAF water. This can increase our access to more than 10,000 megawatts of hydroelectric power. All policies, more than the construction of Kalabagh dam and Akhori must also be silent, because delays in the initiative over three decades of economic paralysis.

We do not have a dam site on the Chenab, Jhelum Kabul River; unacceptable failure, leading to famine and hunger. Following the assault quiet Government of India, and began to run on these river dams, India Most Favoured Nation (MFN) prior to approval. In addition, the Water Treaty, witty, our interest in their most important, okay.

“The Art of War Sun Tzu tells us that:” The real battle is not requested won “the war is imminent, water on our heads to save our future generations For this, we need chip, dedicated people to come forward .. of teamwork we need the media, the civil bureaucracy, parliament unity in all aspects and the armed forces if we are to survive, it should be the main task of Pakistan as a nation, as a Pakistani .