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Saro Karez – reviving indigenous water management systems

Water News: 

The water discharge from Saro Karez reduced significantly after the Pakistan drought of 1998-2002 and the devastating earthquake of October 2008.

Within the project site, which lies on the border of two districts of Balochistan, Pishin and Ziarat, more than 300 households depend directly on the Saro Karez for agriculture and livestock husbandry. Karez systems are traditional practices of water tapping and channelling in Pakistan. The damaged Karez is the communities' only source of water in the dry region of the Saro Valley.

Islooites drinking contaminated water

Water News: 

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has failed to provide clean drinking water to the capital city as a result of which waterborne diseases are on the rise among the residents. The capital city managers are responsible for supplying clean drinking water to the dwellers of the federal capital. For this purpose, they utilize three major sources: dams, headworks and tube-wells. On the other hand, the water distribution system comprises large networks of pipes and service reservoirs.

Running out of Time and Water

Pakistan has always been in the news for all the wrong reasons. For a country which is currently facing the brunt of several internal and external problems, Pakistan indeed has always been the most tumultuous part of the South Asian region. But these problems, which are very public in nature, have actually managed to cover perhaps the biggest threat the country is facing. Pakistan is sitting on a major water bomb and despite the warnings the country’s administration has easily neglected this problem, a problem which actually threatens the very existence of the country.