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Deliberate breach in seawater drain could prevent flooding

The government has decided to open a cut into the Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD) in Badin so that the pressure of water is released and it flows into Shakoor Lake, announced provincial minister Zulfiqar Mirza.

The lake sprawls over 300 square kilometres and two-thirds of it spills across the border into Indian territory. Historically, it is said to be the natural course for the saline water to flow, and this is where the excess water from the drain was directed.

US considers funding Pakistani dam project, angering India

ISLAMABAD -- Even as U.S.-Pakistani cooperation on anti-terrorism programs is withering, the United States is considering backing the construction of a giant, $12 billion dam in Pakistan that would be the largest civilian aid project the U.S. has undertaken here in decades.

Supporters of a U.S. role in the project say American participation would mend the United States' tattered image, going a long way toward quieting widespread anti-Americanism amid criticism that the U.S. lavishes money on Pakistan's military while doing little for the country's civilian population.

War over water?

Looking at the globally emerging situations of water stress, former vice president of the World Bank Ismail Sergladin has rightly predicted that the next world war will be over water. I am not sure about other regions but the two that are considered the most dangerous in the world - the Middle East and South Asia - seem to be fully prepared. These two regions are war prone for a number of reasons, but conflicts of transborder river water sharing is most likely to lead to a war.

Floods Hit Southern Pakistan

THOUSANDS of families are facing fresh misery in Southern Pakistan – as torrential rains hit Sindh province.   

Children’s charity Plan International says up to 300,000 people in Badin district have been left homeless by flooding.

The most vulnerable are being evacuated after one foot of water swamped their homes.

“Our specialist disaster response teams are on the ground in Sindh province where thousands of people are in need of food, shelter and safe drinking water,” says Haider Yaqub, Plan’s Country Director in Pakistan.

Tarbela, Mangla dams’ water level mount up

ISLAMABAD, Aug 16 (APP): Tarbela and Mangla both dams’ water level is constantly mounting up as additional is water coming into national water reservoirs on Tuesday.After constant inflow of additional water now Trabela Dam’s water level has mounted up 152 feet from dead level while Mangla Dam’s water level has gone up 160 feet from dead level, private news channel reported.According to Flood Forecasting Division, currently Tarbela Dam’s total water level is 1530.26 feet; inflow of water is 170,500 cusecs and outflow is 105,000 cusecs.