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Tarbela, Mangla dams’ water level mount up

ISLAMABAD, Aug 16 (APP): Tarbela and Mangla both dams’ water level is constantly mounting up as additional is water coming into national water reservoirs on Tuesday.After constant inflow of additional water now Trabela Dam’s water level has mounted up 152 feet from dead level while Mangla Dam’s water level has gone up 160 feet from dead level, private news channel reported.According to Flood Forecasting Division, currently Tarbela Dam’s total water level is 1530.26 feet; inflow of water is 170,500 cusecs and outflow is 105,000 cusecs.

Manchhar Lake’s replenishing with rainwater at risk

While last year’s monsoon rains reined havoc and devastation for 20 million people across Pakistan including Sindh, this year’s much anticipated rainfall came as a ray of hope for many individuals that were dependant on nature for their livelihoods, such as the fishermen at Manchhar Lake who are looking to receive a hefty catch with the incoming fresh water. However, their expectations are laced with fear as the fish may be washed away through the drains that link the lake to the Indus River.

High tides cause drain breaches; water still flooding a wide area

High tides caused breaching of drains, which have inundated hundreds of villages in Mirpurkhas, Badin, and Thatta districts. Besides, major towns like Pangrio, Jhudo, Malkani Sharif, Dighri and a large number of villages in Mirpurkhas, and more than 500 villages in Badin district have come under the water which is flowing towards the coastal areas. The government has stopped the flow of the main irrigation canals to avoid further loss, but the reports reaching here said the authorities could not plug the wide breaches in the drains.

Army launches operation in rain-hit Badin areas

Pakistan army launched a rescue operation on Monday in the rain-affected Badin district where at least half a million people have been displaced by flood water, officials said.

The recent monsoon rain has wreaked havoc across District Badin and its surrounding areas forcing a large number of residents to seek refuge in safer areas.

According to authorities in Badin, army has so far shifted nearly 100,000 people to temporary erected camps as well as in government schools and college buildings.

Pakistan’s water crisis


A water crisis is emerging which could have major implications for Pakistan's economy and society. Effective management of this crisis first requires urgent mitigation and adaptation measures with close cooperation amongst Pakistan’s provinces of Khybar Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh on the one hand and then between Pakistan and India on the other . If the necessary collaboration for cooperative management of the Indus basin water resources is not undertaken expeditiously, the resultant economic crisis could lead to a war with India.