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Water shortage in Pakistan

Although water is an omnipresent resource, yet many regions in the world are on the verge of water depletion. Pakistan is one of those countries, which according to a recent survey, touched “water stress line” in 1990’s and “water scarcity line” in 2005. The survey conducted by Pakistan Council of Research on Water Resources (PCRWR), further revealed that there are testing times ahead for Pakistan as the country would possibly run dry by 2025.

Pakistan on Verge of Disastrous Water Shortage


Two weeks ago a minor water crisis hit Pakistan. The flow in rivers fell below agricultural requirements. Then temperatures rose, glaciers melted, and river flows increased threefold, evading a disaster.

“Had the temperatures not increased for another 10-15 days, we wouldn’t have been able to give the required amount of water to the provinces,” said Mohammad Khalid Rana, the Indus Water Regulatory Authority spokesman.

That would have meant a delay in planting crops like cotton, sugarcane, and rice.

Pakistan has abundant but poorly managed water resources

Pakistan has abundant water resources but an inefficient and poorly managed irrigation system, according to speakers addressing the launch ceremony of a report titled ‘The State of the Economy: Agriculture and Water’ here on Monday. The report was prepared and launched by the Shahid Javed Burki Institute of Public Policy (BIPP).

The Pakistani economy may be turning the corner and approaching a sustainable rate of growth that has been attained by other Asian high-performing economies, the speakers also maintained.