Water Supply And Sanitation In “Choha Shahghareb”

The center for survival of human beings revolves around water .Human beings cannot survive without water for more than 10 days , so maintaining proper supply and quality of water is essential in this regard. Keeping proper check on sanitation system is equally important as, clean environment leads to the better intellect of human beings to cope up with bad situations.

AECHS Rawalpindi: Water Supply Analysis

The water distribution in twin cities is a current issue and accordingly in coming decades it will be a great matter of concern for authorities. In order to keep these cities still inhabitable in future, there is need for social, cultural and technical solutions. Among twin cities Rawalpindi is an older and much larger city and is a hub for industrial, commercial and military activities.

Gulistan Colony: Responsibility of people or negligence of Government?

Military city, Wah Cantonment (abbreviated to Wah Cantt.) is located in 30 km to the north west of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. It is a valley, surrounded by margalla hills in all directions and the area is suitable for growing every sort of crops, especially fruits. This area was not much developed before the construction of the POF, but now it is one of the most advanced and developed places in Pakistan


Collecting water samples from filtration plants installed by CDA in Islamabad is a hectic job. The task becomes unbearable especially during the scorching heat in the summers of July. Also, to collect testing samples from filtration plants was a daunting challenge, but a crucial one for the assessment of the water facilities available to the general public.

Water to thrive

In last few decades, like other big cities in developing countries the twin cities of Pakistan also have an increased number of populations. With increasing population the settlement of people in already urbanized cities is very difficult. When population of any area increase, demands of people automatically increase because everyone needs clean water, healthy food and good environment for their survival. Due to anthropogenic activities environmental problems becoming severe and worse including water problems.