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Physical and biological parameters that affect taste and odor of water

Water supplying agencies must insure consumers are provided with palatable water, as well as safe water, at all times. The water must be free of any detectable taste and odor. Taste is determined in the drinking water by sensory methods which are then expressed as salty, brackish, fresh, bitter, acidic, metallic, soapy, hard or earthy.


In our study of QUALITY ASSESSMENT OF FILTERED WATER OF CDA FILTRATION PLANTS IN ISLAMABAD, finding the exact locations of filtration plants was a very crucial element. Different filtration plants were chosen and were studied and examined carefully by the help of Google maps. But still many difficulties were faced in locating those plants during survey.

Negligence of Authorities or Citizens’ Fault: Water Quality and Supply

Access of pure drinking water is the basic human right but divergent to the fact, in Pakistan water and hygiene are overlooked zones. The experts say, by 2025 half of the world’s population will have to suffer with severe shortage of potable water.


Bahawalnagar is a district located in province of Punjab with a population of approximately 126,700 inhabitants. It is situated at 30.55° North latitude, 73.39° East longitude and 159 meters elevation above the sea level. The district of Bahawalnagar is spread over an area of 8,878 square kilometers comprising five tehsils and 118 Union Councils.